Twelve Godzilla wraps and counting... 

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Sinister Satin Dark Grey full wrap with Gloss Liquid Copper accents on a 900hp Nissan GTR.

Mesmerizing Gloss Lightning Ridge full wrap on an absolutely mint Nissan GTR.


Fresh Satin Ocean Shimmer full wrap with matte black accents on an 800hp Nissan GTR.







Gorgeous Satin Frozen Vanilla full wrap with Gloss Red Spark accents on Mike's from Killer Koatings Nissan GTR.


Flipping out for this color flip we installed on this rowdy Nissan Skyline R33. 

Satin Perfect Blue truly is perfect for this car. Textured Matrix Black accents.  



Throwback vintage BRE weathered livery by Skepple on this Track Monster Nissan GTR.

Truly transforming and protecting every inch of exposed paint with the highest quality vinyl wrap. We achieve a level of finish resembling new original paintwork WITHOUT removing the bumpers, door handles or lights. You can rest at ease knowing your valuable GTR is not being stripped apart. Every full wrap comes with installation guarantee for your peace of mind, knowing if anything unintended happens with your wrap, it is covered 100% for replacement or repair by us. 

We have a strong graphic design background here at DreamWraps. Every element of your wrap project is taken into account focusing on every detail, 

we will help build the ultimate vision of your car.   

Watch our YouTube video of us installing a full wrap on a Nismo GTR by clicking the link at the bottom of the page or visiting our "SHOP" page above. 

Flawless Satin Pearl White full wrap with Gloss Black and Gloss Candy Red accents on a brand new Nissan GTR Nismo.



Gold Flake full wrap with Carbon Fiber accents on this brand new Nissan GTR.

High Gloss Carbon Fiber full wrap with Forged Carbon accents on this right hand drive Nissan Skyline R32. 

Matte Dark Grey Metallic accents and color matched Gloss Silver Metallic lower valences on this Nissan GTR.

Distressed livery designed for us by Skepple. Nailed that 50 year old barn find look.