Wheel face wraps

Custom tailored. Taking your trunk air ride set up to the next level. 

Custom stripes​ 

Fool even the most detail oriented car enthusiast. They will argue with you that your wrap is high quality paint. 

A color change isn't for everyone. Invisible paint protection is the answer.

Never pre-cut. Designed on vehicle for full edge coverage and perfect lines that properly flow with the vehicles body lines. 

Achievable thanks to special high temperature handling vinyl wrap. We do not remove or disassemble your brake system in any way.

Take this new 2022 Corvette for example. Reflective stripes laid over Rapid Blue factory paint for a truly wild look!

Chrome trim is great for grandmas old 'caddy. You know better. Black yours out for that elite look.

Ceramic coating

Makes your vehicle appear lower and wider. High gloss for that glass roof look. Matte black, carbon fiber, even brushed aluminum.

Rubber tire letters

Headlight and taillight tinting

High gloss tinted removable protection film. Available in light smoke, dark or colors including yellow.

Chrome blackout packages

More than just full wraps.

Door and body jamb wraps​

Made to order. An aggressive look that trickled down from professional motorsports.

Protect your wrap with professional ceramic coating.​

We will install the coating on top of your new wrap. Ask for 50% off discount!

Carbon fiber? Yes please!

As much as we love luxury cars, racing is our passion. 

Brake caliper color changes

Contact us already!

Roof, hoods, spoilers, ect.

Please email, text or call for pricing.

Seatback wraps

Air tank Wraps

For finishes not available in paint or powder. Don't permanently modify your wheels, wrap them instead. 

PPF (Paint Protection Film)

On-location racecar wraps