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Maserati GTS - Ice Blue Chrome

The final reveal of the mesmerizing custom made Ice Blue Chrome material we laid down on this Maserati GTS transforming it into a stunning work of vinyl art. Hope you enjoy the stunning video from Lep Automotive as much as we do.

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Mustang GT - Custom designed P-51 printed wrap

A custom printed matte wrap designed after a very specific WWII P-51D Mustang combat plane called "The Enchantress" that the owner of the cars grandfather flew in WWII. Mind blowing details and accuracy designed by Skepple! 

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Nissan GTR Nismo - Satin Pearl White

Here it is, the final video reveal of our gorgeous 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo full wrap. Watch as we wrap the car from beginning to final photoshoot. Catch Fe'Fe the shop cat lounging around and also a short time lapse. Video filmed, edited and directed by Ricky X Willis in Cincinnati OH.

NEW! Introducing Wrappers Delight by DreamWraps. Designed for vinyl wraps by vinyl wrappers.

  • Spray applied onto any surface
  • Long lasting depth & protection
  • Hydrophobic
  • Easy to use

A high quality USA made detailing spray

that will complement your wrap.​

The missing link in the vinyl wrap industry.

A detailing spray that helps enhance and 

protect your satin or gloss finish. Also works excellent on paint, glass, or plastic. You'll

never want to use another product again. Can be used as a ceramic enhancer and sheds

water like it was coated yesterday. 

Attention vinyl wrap installers!

Wrappers delight can be used as a tack reducer and can make vinyl wrap instals easier and your results better. Apply via directions to any raised body lines or large flat panels to promote "floating" the vinyl, reducing the risk of adhesive marks/dots. It will not affect long term adhesion, but is good peace of mind to avoid panel edges, corners or deep recessed areas with this product.

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500ml bottles available for purchase today in person here at our shop for $20.

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20th VW GTI - Satin Pearl White

Shoutout to Profitt Media for putting together this in progress video of us wrapping his yellow 20th Anniversary VW GTI in Satin Pearl White. Our last video filmed before moving out of the original shop to our new one in Covington.